Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Although everyone has a unique set of fingerprints, there are some common fingerprint characteristics.  Big Kid scientists can explore their own fingerprints and those of their friends and family members.

Ages: Big Kid Scientists

Materials:  black ink pad, paper, fingers, down load lab sheets by following the links in the procedure

  • Study the basic characteristics of fingerprints with this information. or search the internet for more information.
  • Collect your own may want to practice a couple times before you print them on the data sheet.  Roll your finger carefully on the ink pad, just once across, then roll your finger onto a piece of paper.  You should be able to see the print clearly.  This does take practice, so be patient.  Once you can create a clear print, enter your prints on the data sheet.
  • Analyze your fingerprints, it might help to use a hand lens or magnifier.  What patterns do you see?  How many different characteristics do you have?
  • Collect the fingerprints of family members or friends.  You can print additional copies of the data sheet for your collection.
  • Now you can use the graph to analyze your fingerprint collection.  What do you notice?  What are you wondering about fingerprints?


Tessa said...

What a fun experiment!!

Biology Teaching Tools said...

I just checked out your blog for the first time today, but I love your topics and experiments. Finding good, new resources and experiments to help kids learn about science is always a challenge. Thanks for the resources!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for stopping by!

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