Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Books for Kid Scientists...

The Science Mommy and her Kid Scientists have more books to share...

Albino Animals by KellyMilner Halls - The author visited Connar's school this year and he chose this book.  It's so interesting, both boys enjoy reading it and looking at the pictures.  Kids learn about albinism in nature through photos and descriptions.  Not only will this encourage curiosity but it can also serve as a basis for learning about and appreciating differences.

Life Cycles of a Dozen Diverse Creatures by Paul Fleisher - This is another collection of diveristy in the natural world.  Understanding life cycles is a science standard that is often difficult to convey in classroom science.  This book helps kids gain a sense of the big idea of diversity and the idea that all living creatures have a unique life cycle.  Beautiful photos are accompanied by short, accessible text.

Science Verse by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith - This will keep Kid Scientists laughing!  The authors take well known poems and retell them with hilarious science themes.  A great way to gain a little new understanding and have a laugh too!

Send the Science Mommy some of your favorite Kid Science books and I'll post them in the next book list!  Happy Reading!


Tessa said...

What a great post for our fun Scientists!! Way to go Chloe :)

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