Sunday, May 30, 2010

Make Your Own Marbled Note Cards…

This is one of the Science Mommy's favorite, messy projects!
Ages: Big and Little Kid Scientists will both enjoy this project
Materials: Shaving cream, food color, toothpicks, paper plate, paper towels, popsicle stick or plastic knife, paper or note cards (heavy weight paper works better)
  • Fill the paper plate with shaving cream, and smooth the topphoto
  • Add several drops of food color to the top of the shaving cream
  • Drag a toothpick through the food color to create a marbled pattern
  • Set the note card onto the shaving cream / food color.  Press gently to make sure all the color connects with the paper
  • Remove the note card and scrape the excess shaving cream off  with a popsicle stick or plastic knife
  • The design you created in shaving cream is now on your note card!
  •   You can continue to smooth out the shaving cream and add more color for several prints.
   Since this is such a mess, it’s fun to make several cards at once…or book marks, or frames or…the sky’s the limit.  My Kid Scientists and I had lots of fun with this project.


Tessa said...

I had so much fun making these :)

Jennifer said...

This is one of my favorites too!

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