Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Can you create a Bubble Solution?

Is there anything better in the summer than bubbles?  This can keep your kids going all afternoon!

Ages: This investigation is better for the Big Kids.  Little Kids will enjoy playing with the product though.

Materials:  Small plastic cups, water, several different dish soaps, glycerin, straws or bubble wands

The basic components of a bubble blowing solution are water, soap and a couple drops of glycerin.  Kid Scientists will explore ratios of those components and create their best bubble solution.
  • Kid Scientists will use all the materials they are given!  Especially if they are engaged in a fun investigation.  Set materials up for kids in small containers, giving them only the amounts you want used.
  • Each Kid Scientist will need a copy of the data table to record their investigation
  • When a solution is created, kids can blow bubbles to check how well it works


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