Monday, May 31, 2010

Can you build a boat that supports the most weight?

This is a fun and easy investigation that will keep Kid Scientists engaged for a long time.

Ages: All ages of Kid Scientist will be able to participate in this one.

Materials:  clay, plastic shoe box, water, weights…we used penniesScience 001Procedure:

  • Fill the plastic shoe box 3/4 full of water
  • Use pieces of clay to build a boat.  This is an important part of the investigation, before Kid Scientists can test how much weight their boat will hold, they will need a boat that floats.

Science 002 Science 004

  • As Kid Scientists are building their boats, ask them questions about the properties of boats.  Why did you boat sink?  Why did that one float?  What can you change?
  • When Kid Scientists have a floating boat, they can add pennies one at a time.  How much weight will your boat hold?

Science 008

  • My Kid Scientists were struggling with the clay boats when Connar said, “What about foil?” So they switched to a new boat building medium.

Science 012   Science 016 Science 014

What did you learn about boat design? 

How many pennies did your boat hold? 

What are you still wondering?


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